Static Clings

Static Clings

Design and buy your own personalized static clings for windows and mirrors. These non-adhesive clings will stick to just about anything that has a high gloss surface without adhesive. Since our clings are made for interior application only you will want to select Face Cling or Back Cling after setting up your design. Front facing static clings are for outside viewing and back facing static clings are for viewing from the inside.

Directions: Select from any of the customized shapes to begin designing your unique static cling. Once you find the shape you like, you will be given options for color and size. Design and customize your new static cling by uploading pictures, adding text, and searching through our clip art for a style unique to only you.

Use our Static Cling Design Templates if you need help getting started with your design.

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  • Shamrock
    Shamrock Static Cling

    The shamrock became the emblem for Ireland when St. Patrick ( Ireland's Saint Patron) introduced to them the Holy trinity using... Learn More

  • Soccer Ball
    Soccer Ball Static Cling

    Just like the first footballs the first soccer balls were made from animals bladder, later coated with vulcanized rubber. Event... Learn More

  • Speech Bubble
    Speech Bubble Static Cling

    Have something to share with other motorists or pedestrians on the road? Design and buy your own custom speech bubble shaped st... Learn More

  • Football Helmet
    Football Helmet Static Cling

    Football helmet static clings are often used by parents of football players who want a custom graphic to show their support for... Learn More

  • Pentagon
    Pentagon Static Cling

    Pentagon Static clings are used often by companies that want custom decals for promotional and marketing needs but do not want ... Learn More

  • Megaphone
    Megaphone Static Cling

    Be your cheerleader's number one fan with this customizable megaphone shaped static cling. Perfect for any window or glass in o... Learn More

  • Octagon
    Octagon Static Cling

    Create your own custom octagon static clings. This shape works great for stop sign themed window graphics. No minimum quanti... Learn More

  • Badge
    Badge Static Cling

    These Badge static clings can be customized for your local police, fire and emergency medical personal. Up to 3 years of she... Learn More

  • Pigskin
    Pigskin Static Cling

    The pig skin football was never actually made from pig skin at all. These footballs were made from animal bladders often times ... Learn More

Items shown 10 to 18 of 40 total