Adhesive Remover Fluid

Adhesive Remover Fluid: Fast Acting Safe for most solid surfaces Breaks down adhesives Helps remove decals and lettering

Adhesive Remover Fluid Details

Adhesive remover helps remove glues and adhesives left behind by decals, stickers and other sticky products. This all natural formula is safe to use without ruining painted surfaces. Fast acting and quick to remove. Can be used on a wide range of surfaces including glass, fiberglass, vinyl and painted surfaces that have been properly cured. Ideal for use on boats, automobiles and signs. We suggest that you first test a small inconspicuous area for compatibility. Avoid use on latex painted surfaces, styrofoam, styrene and plastic surfaces. This stuff smells like a mild cleaner. We have personally used the remover fluid on styrofoam and it disintegrated.
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