Religious Design Templates

Religious Design Templates

Regardless of your religion, or lack thereof, we can all agree that something motivates us to share what is on our minds and hearts. These religious design templates can be edited to suite your own personality and motivated messages. If you do not see your religion supported here let us know. We will then see what we can do to add a category just for you.

Employees here at StickyLife have many views on religion and not all of us agree but we still respect each other and can appreciate other perspectives. Though we may not share or relate to some of the religious and non religious viewpoints we do still offer design templates for as many religions as we can. This approach is part of our core mission to help support the freedom of speech. You can order just about any design that carries any message you want, however, hate is one thing we will stand against. We will never add a design template that features messages of hate and also reserve the right to not honor any design that features hate as its message.

  • Atheism

    Atheism is sometimes refereed to as the absence of faith or at least a belief that there are no deities. Out of all faiths, or non...Atheism

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    These custom Buddha design templates could help you share enlightenment with others. If you practice Buddhism then you know how im...Buddhism

  • Christian

    These Christian design templates can be edited to suite your own personal needs. Change the colors, text, and more to generate you...Christian

  • Hinduism

    Hindus are guided through their daily lives through the Vedas scripture. They do not just have one sacred book but have several sc...Hinduism

  • Islam

    Islamic faith began in Arabia by the Prophet Muhammad. Muslims believe that there is only on God, also known as Allah. These Islam...Islam

  • Judaism

    These Jewish faith design templates allow people to share their love for God in a new way. Visualize the Hebrew scripture through ...Judaism