Static Clings

Static Clings

StickyLife custom static clings come in two different materials (Traditional and Pro). Traditional window static clings are intended for interior windows or mirrors only. Pro clings are kind of like static stickers and can be used outdoors or indoors. When purchasing your own custom window clings consider your needs and visiblity. Because traditional static clings ar intended for interior windows and mirrors only they do not work very well as car window clings with window tinting or glare from the sun. Instead, you might find a window sticker or window decals to be better suited for your needs. Both options are good options for removable window clings for cars. 

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Custom static clings are traditionally intended for indoor use however we also provide a Pro Cling option that allows you to apply it outdoors as well. For car window clings select the Pro Cling option unless you plan to apply them to the inside of the window. Window clings are non-adhesive graphics used for marketing and self promotion. Clings are removable and reusable just like car magnets for non-metallic surfaces. Traditional removable window clings for cars are ideally used on the inside of non-tinted windows, mirrors and glass doors of offices.

Most of our customers are individuals or small businesses that don't want to be bound to an MOQ (Minimum order Quantity limit). Because we have NO Minimum order limits, you can order as many or as few as you'd like. Great for test runs before ordering large quantities. If you're looking for static stickers then you've come to the right place. The only difference is we don't use adhesive for this product.

Directions: Select from any of the customized shapes below to begin designing your custom static clings. Once you find the shape you like, you will be given options for color and size and viewing method. Our clings can either be viewed through glass, which we call "Face Cling" or on mirrors or other opaque surfaces which we call "Back Cling". Design and customize your new static cling by uploading pictures, adding text, and searching through our clip art for a style unique to only you.

Use our Static Cling Design Templates if you need help getting started with your design.

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