Static Clings

Static Clings

Custom static clings are traditionally intended for indoor use however we also provide a Pro Cling option that allows you to apply it outdoors as well. Window clings are non-adhesive graphics used for marketing and self promotion. Clings are removable and reusable just like car magnets for non-metalic surfaces. Traditional clings are ideally used on the inside of non-tinted windows, mirrors and glass doors of offices.

Most of our customers are individuals or small businesses that don't want to be bound to an MOQ (Minimum order Quantity limit). Because we have NO Minimum order limits, you can order as many or as few as you'd like. Great for test runs before ordering large quantities.

Directions: Select from any of the customized shapes below to begin designing your custom static clings. Once you find the shape you like, you will be given options for color and size and viewing method. Our clings can either be viewed through glass, which we call "Face Cling" or on mirrors or other opaque surfaces which we call "Back Cling". Design and customize your new static cling by uploading pictures, adding text, and searching through our clip art for a style unique to only you.

Use our Static Cling Design Templates if you need help getting started with your design.

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  1. Rectangle

    Create your own custom rectangle static clings. Choose from 30+ different colors. Just like all of our static clings our rectangle... Rectangle Static Cling

  2. Star

    You're a star! So let everyone know about it. Customize your own star shaped sticker perfect for you car or truck window. No mi... Star Static Cling

  3. Oval

    Create your own custom oval static clings. These window decals are made for internal application and can be viewed from the inside... Oval Static Cling

  4. Circle Cling

    Circle window clings are good for parking permits, stain glass art and much more. They can also be used for metal cabinets, mirror... Circle Static Cling

  5. Octagon

    Create your own custom octagon static clings. This shape works great for stop sign themed window graphics. No minimum quantity ... Octagon Static Cling

  6. Square

    Our square static clings all have smooth and rounded corners for superior quality and detailed craftsmanship. These rounded corner... Square Static Cling

  7. Badge

    These Badge static clings can be customized for your local police, fire and emergency medical personal. Up to 3 years of shelf ... Badge Static Cling

  8. Cat Paw

    Make a great personalized cat paw static cling for your fellow cat lover who also happens to be indecisive. Static clings work bes... Cat Paw Static Cling

  9. Bumper

    Bumper static clings are often used by people who want that original bumper sticker shape but do not want adhesive. No minimum ... Bumper Static Cling

Items shown 1 to 9 of 40 total