Static Cling Templates

Static Cling Templates

These static cling templates help provide a starting point for your own custom clings for use on windows, glass partitions, mirrors and other high gloss surfaces. One of the hardest parts of Design is also the first part - coming up with an idea. One of the best ways to get over that hurtle is to look at other designs to help inspire your own ideas. These Static Cling Templates can be personalized to your liking by editing the colors, images and text. You can also upload your own graphics in the format of photos, logos and more.

The static cling designs below are displayed on a checkered pattern so that you can see the actual shape of the vinyl material. The checkered background is not part of the cling and will not print. Filter the results by shape if you already know what shape you want.

Sticky Life brand clings are manufactured from a highly plasticized vinyl material. Some of customers use our clings for seasonal advertising on beverage coolers in gas stations, marketing swag in high traffic restrooms during special events and personal home needs where short term application on kitchen and laundry room appliances is needed. There are many uses for clings and our templates below will help inspire your own creation.

If you already have a design in mind and don’t need our templates then use our start from scratch static clings.


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  1. Wear a Mask Cling

    Ask your patrons, guests, friends and family to wear a mask before entering, by placing this static cling on your front window/doo... Wear Mask Static Cling

  2. Still Open Static Cling

    Place this custom static cling in the front window of your business, office, restaurant, or other establishment to remind your cus... Still Open Static Clings

  3. Covid-19 Warning Window Cling

    Practice social distancing and keep unwanted guests from knocking on your door. This Covid-19 static cling can be applied to windo... Warning Covid-19 static cling

  4. Ugly Christmas Cling

    We're here to keep you festive during the holidays, even if it's something Ugly. No minimum quantity limits Not suitable for c... Ugly Christmas Cling

  5. Wash Your Hands Cling

    Good hygiene is essential to good health, not just for yourself but for everyone around you as well! Create your own custom recta... Wash Your Hands Mirror Cling

  6. Rainy Days Cling

    A nice tip of the hat to some classic song lyrics! The cloud shaped static cling is great for any pediatric rooms, day care and e... Rainy Days Cloud Static Cling

  7. Secret Admirer Cling

    Sometimes it's fun to have a secret admirer, and sometimes it's fun to be one! A great idea for romantic lovers, anniversary pres... Secret Admirer Valentine Cling

  8. Conversation Hearts Cling

    Valentine's Day is coming soon, so why not start decorating with this cute Conversation Hearts window static cling? Create your o... Conversation Hearts Window Cling

  9. Festival of Lights Cling

    Chanukah is celebrated every year for eight days starting on the 25th of Kislev in the Hebrew calendar. Create your own custom re... Festival of Lights Static Cling

Items shown 1 to 9 of 119 total