Design Services

Design Services

Looking for design help with your custom printed products? It is not our goal to make money from our Design Services and hope that you can use our site to produce your own custom printed products. We do our best to eliminate the need for design services but realize that sometimes customers simply need some assistance.

Before you commit to ordering our Design Services we ask that you first take a look at our Design Template to see if we might already have an customizable design that you can edit to you liking. We also offer FREE Design Tool support and can at least get your started creating your own custom printed product. If our free Design Tool support and Design Templates still do not help and what you have in mind is more specific then perhaps our Design Services can help.

NOTE: Design Services does not include Illustration Services or Logo Development.



PRICE: $54.99

You will receive up to 2 digital proofs baseed on the details you provide in the Design Services order form.

We do our best to provide a successful design within the first digital proof to help reduce extra labor. The Design Service charge covers labor expenses to have one of our designers develop a print ready file that we can use in the order of our custom printed products.

If we do not succeed with the first digital proof then we will make to your design changes based on your feedback. We will then send you your second and final digital proof. If additional work is needed beyond this point you will need to purchase our Design Services again.

Please fill out the form to your right and click the Add to Cart button to place your order for our Design Services.


Design Services does NOT include Custom Illustration or Logo Design. These two aspects of Design require considerable more labor and creative input than what our design service charges cover. We do have a large collection of graphics that we can use in your design and can alter them to a degree but custom illustration from scratch is not something we currently offer.

Though we can print photo quality results on most of our products we also do NOT provide professional photography services. If you happen to need an image and do not have access to it you will want to check with companies like istockphoto, Getty Images, or CreStock, shutterstock and Pixabay. When shopping for an image to use please shop at your own risk. We are not affiliated with these companies and cannot vouch for their images. We also suggest using our Print Size Calculator to first ensure that your image will be large enough for a quality print at the size you intend to purchase. You can learn more about this in our Artwork Requirements.

We also cannot use or recreate copyrighted logos, graphics or other content that is subject to intellectual property laws within your design without first getting written permission or at least verification that you have the legal rights to use such articles.