Learning Center

Learning Center

Learn more about our products, services, graphic design, company and more. We do our best to provide as much information as possible about our products and placing your order as possible. We to to make the information easy to read and easy to digest.

If you're looking to learn more about using our site, placing your order, designing for a specific purpose or product then you've come to the right place. We constantly review our customer interactions and will add new content here to help instruct or support our customers through the process. We do our best to make things as easy as possible but sometimes its helpful to have a little extra guidance.

  • About Us

    Whether you heard about us from a friend, saw an advertisement, or found us while surfing the net, we are glad you stopped by! The...About Us

  • Design Tips

    Knowing how to create the best design possible for your message is the key to ensuring your product looks great every time. From f...Design Tips

  • Design Tool

    Our Design Tool is one of the easiest web to print design tools you'll find in the industry. We provide features that our competit...Design Tool

  • Glossary

    Learn more about common terms used in the graphic design industry that are also used frequently throughout our website. These t...Glossary

  • How To Tutorials

    Learn more about how to use our products, create quality designs, and order products for your business, club or other special inte...How To Tutorials

  • Design Services

    Looking for design help with your custom printed products? It is not our goal to make money from our Design Services and hope that...Design Services

  • Customer Care

    Here at StickyLife.com, we want you to have a fun and memorable experience. It's natural for us to provide you with superior servi...Customer Care

  • Artwork Guidelines

    Learn more about our artwork requirements for custom printing. We prefer that print ready files be used when uploading graphics, p...Artwork Guidelines

  • Available Colors

    The following colors are the default colors we provide through most of our Design Tools here on our website. For best results, we ...Available Colors

  • Available Fonts

    We offer a wide variety of fonts through our Design Tools. The fonts that we offer range in style, effect and purposes. These font...Available Fonts

  • Available Graphics

    We network with high quality graphic vendors to provide our customers with clip art, emojis, patterns and more that can be used th...Available Graphics

  • Articles

    Differences Between Stickers, Decals, Labels & Static Clings Learn about the subtle differences between stickers, decals, label...Articles