License Plate Frames

License Plate Frames

Make your own personalized license plate frames with the help of our Design Tool. Choose from 36 different background colors in chrome metal, black plastic and chrome plastic. Each license plate frame has two holes for screws, two hooks to hold your license plate in place, and two sections for design options.

When designing your license plate frame you should consider keeping it simple and using colors that contrast with the selected background color. Similar colors appear to fade together when viewed from a distance. Text works best but you can also use clip art, logos, photos or other fun graphics.

It is advisable to check with your local laws to ensure that our style of license plate frames are legal in your state. Some states has special laws that may limit our license plate frames as a novelty item and not something you can actually install on your car, truck or SUV.


3 Items

  1. Chrome License Plate Frame

    Each license plate bracket comes with two top holes spaced to fit the majority of all cars. Change the colors and add text or imag... Chrome License Plate Frame

  2. Plastic License Plate Frame

    Create your own custom lightweight plastic license plate frame. Though these frames are made of plastic and are lightweight, they ... Plastic License Plate Frame

  3. Plastic Chrome

    The Plastic License Plate Frame with the chrome finish is a cheaper version of the regular chrome license plate frame. For those o... Plastic License Plate Frame with Chrome Finish

3 Items