Custom Cut Decals

Custom cut decals made to order based your own unique design. We consider these decals our Pro Decals because they are kiss cut and sanwiched between an easy release liner and transfer tape by default. Some people call these a die cut stickers or transfer stickers but no matter what you call it, it's going to allow you to apply your designs onto most clean and smooth surfaces. 


Custom Transfer Sticker Details

  • Use for Window Decals, Laptop Decals and other custom vinyl Letters where various fonts, colors and decorative graphics are needed.
  • Adhesive is on the backside by default but face adhesive is available upon request.
  • Kiss-Cut or Contour cut to shape depending on design.
  • Transfer Tape option makes application easy and will be a requirement if your design is intricate or contains multiple elements.
  • No Minimum Quantity Limits
  • 3-5 Year Indoor or Outdoor Durability
  • 12 picks per decal included, $0.02 per additional pick thereafter. <a title="Learn more about Pick Limits" href="https://www.stickylife.com/learning-center/design-tips/flood-coat-bleeds">Learn more</a>
  • Quantity Discounts Start at 3+ pieces
  • Learn more about our Custom Vinyl Decals to ensure this is what you're looking for.

Design & buy your own custom Professional Decals.

Our Pro Decal Tool is ideal for car decals custom printed and cut to shape in just about any size, shape and quantity. If our other default decal shapes and sizes do not work for your needs then this is the place to be. Pro Decals are kiss-cut or contour cut to shape on a square or rectangle liner. Die Cut decals are similar to what we offer here however we do not cut the decal liner to shape, only the vinyl adhesive. When we contour cut decals we may print on clear vinyl to maintain the integrity of your design. More information on this can be found below. Some customers might call these adhesive graphics or custom transfer stickers, they're not wrong but we do consider stickers to not use transfer tape by definition alone.

These vinyl decals can be applied to anything with a clean and smooth surface. Many customers use these as vinyl stickers for their car, truck, van or SUV windows and doors. No minimum quantity limits on Pro Decals. If you know the exact size of your decal, enter its dimensions above.

NOTE: If you don't know the size your vinyl decal needs to be, but at least know the size of the surface you plan on applying your design to - then enter that size above. This option is ideal for store-front owners who need vinyl lettering or custom decals for their store windows but don't know how big to make the design.

Custom transfer stickers will provide you with a blank canvas based on your own dimensions. This design tool works in two different ways and depends on your approach. We're here to help guide you if needed, just give us a call. 1.800.356.8904

After entering your dimensions and clicking the customize it button, you will be taken into our Design Tool with the size you entered. There is an active and inactive design area for your text, photos, and more. You can upload your own professional images and graphics to start your creation. If you know what size you want your decal to be, fill the entire space provided.

Your creation will be cut to shape or contour cut and pre-masked with transfer tape, ready to apply. When ordering through our Pro Vinyl Decals, customers can expect one of two separate outcomes. Your decal will either be "Cut-to-Shape," or it will be printed on clear vinyl and then "Contour Cut" within 1/8 of an inch from the design. Use the following image as an example.

a dog shaped decal on a blue liner background that has been cut to shape comparied to a contour cut of the same design.a dog shaped decal on a blue liner background that has been cut to shape comparied to a contour cut of the same design.
NOTE: The pink outline depicts cut lines and is not part of the printed decals design.

When creating your decals our experienced vinyl decal employees have to pick unwanted pieces of vinyl adhesive from your design one by one. By default we include up to 12 picks per decal and charge an additional $0.02 per pick beyond the 12 pick limit. You can learn more about the pick limits on our Learning center's Flood coat, Bleed, Cut tolerance & Picks section. 

Transfer tape is highly recommended for intricate shaped designs. A simple circle, square or other basic shape does not necessarily need the transfer tape but it will help make application easier. We provide the option to have transfer tape or not due to customer feedback. Custom transfer stickers are also known as decals because of the transfer tape. Without the transfer tape, you're just buying stickers. Please make your selection wisely as we cannot provide refunds for orders that need it but the option was not selected. NOTE: we may contact you if you select to not have it but we consider your design to be intricate enough that it should have it.

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