Trailer Lettering

Create Your Own Custom Trailer Lettering

Enter the size of the area where you are going to apply your vinyl lettering and then click on "Customize It". You will then be able to put as much lettering and graphics in your design as you want.

Trailer Lettering Details

Every order of custom trailer lettering comes sandwiched between a smooth protective paper and a transfer tape. Your vinyl letters will be cut to shape and properly spaced. When you remove the transfer tape you will be exposing the adhesive side of the vinyl lettering, making it possible for you to apply them with ease. The decal adhesive is stronger than the transfer tape, so when you apply your lettering to your trailer you will be able to peel off the transfer tape leaving behind the lettering. Check out our vinyl application directions for further details.

  • Premasked and Ready to Apply
  • High Performance Vinyl with Laminate
  • 3-5 Year Outdoor Durability
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