Soft Felt Squeegee


Soft felt squeegee ideal for gentle decal application. Felt edge of squeegee provides smooth contact when applying your decal through the wet application method.

Soft Felt Squeegee Details

The softness of our felt squeegees is ideal for vinyl application. Using hard plastic squeegee will sometimes have small plastic burs that can sometimes cause surface scratches during application. The felt material will soften the surface contact with your vinyl material and help ensure a professional job.

This squeegee is similar to our felt moon shaped squeegee and Felt wrapped plastic squeegee. While the 1/2" thick moon squeegee is the best and will provide a longer lifespan this Soft Felt Squeegee is a little cheaper and still works great. This squeegee will however last longer than the Felt Wrapped Squeegee.

Soft Felt Squeegee Reviews

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