Felt Tipped Squeegee

6" Long
4" Long
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Felt tipped or wrapped squeegee offers a firm edge but soft enough to help protect the vinyl graphics from scratching during application. Save time and money by eliminating the need to " wrap" a squeegee, or using a premask. Most of our decals come premasked for easy application however additional squeegeeing may be necessary after the transfer tape (aka premask) is removed. If this happens to you - you'll be glad you have a felt-wrapped squeegee on hand.

Felt Tipped Squeegee Details

  • Choose between 4" or 6" length
  • Felt lined for soft edge
  • Firm plastic
  • Double ribbed for firm pressure control

Some plastics can develop small cuts or burs. These deformities can then scratch your vinyl. A felt squeegee helps prevent this from happening by creating a soft barrier between the decal and the squeegee yet providing firm pressure to help apply decals and vinyl lettering without air bubbles.

Each squeegee has a ribbed profile for easy grip and firm pressure. These application tools are common in the adhesive vinyl industry. Their high-stability twin ribs makes for easy handling and pressure control. Ideal for Vinyl Decals, Lettering, films, graphics, tape, silk screening, and other pressure sensitive applications.

These squeegees come in a variety of sizes.

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