Decal Application Kit


The decal application kit provides you with all the necessary tools for a successful decal installation. When installing vinyl lettering and decals it quite helpful to have at least a squeegee and application fluid. This kit also includes some other tools that might help you obtain success, but may not always be necessary.

Decal Application Kit Details

Application kit includes:

  • 1 Squeegee,
  • 1 X-Acto Knife,
  • 1 two ounce Application Fluid spray bottle,
  • 1 twelve foot long Tape measure,
  • 2 Marking Pencils (1 blue & 1 white),
  • 2 Alcohol pads.

The tape measure will help you measure your window, wall or other flat and smooth surface. The marking pencils are helpful to mark your measurements. They can be used on a variety of surfaces like glass, metal and plastic. A well cleaned surface is important to remove lint, oils and cleaning contaminants. This is why we include 2 lint free alcohol wipes. The X-Acto knife is useful to customers who gang-up their designs into one large decal and then manually cut up their decal into sections.

At other times customers will sometimes need to spit their design between windows and will have to cut their large format decal into separate parts. For large format decals we suggest purchasing a larger bottle of application fluid. The 2oz bottle that ships with the kit may take more pumps on the spray than your finger can handle. The larger spray bottle will cover more surface space in less time. The kits 2oz application spray bottle becomes a little more work once you exceed the 250 square inch size.

To determine the size of your decal multiply its width by its height. This will provide you with the overall square inches of your decal. If your decal exceeds 250 square inches you may want to consider getting our large decal spray bottle. Instead of a thumb pump spray it uses a squeeze spray function and covers more surface area in less time. The 2oz bottle contains enough solution to install 12 5"x5" decals (based on our application directions).

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