X-Acto Knife


X-Acto blades are one of the industries favorite craft and hobby knifes. The pencil sized knife with small blade allows for detailed cuts and sharp precision. This knife cuts smoothly like an Olympic skater on ice. When you are finished cutting you can flip the blade around for protection.

X-Acto Knife Details

Some people may refer to the xacto knife as a small utility knife but does not provide the same kind of rigid cutting that a true utility knife provides. In reality it is a short, sharp blade mounted on the end of a pen-like aluminum body and can be used for hobbies and crafts. X-acto knives are great for precision cutting. You can think of this tool like a scalpel for artists and craft makers. It can also be used for fine woodworking and office supplies.

If you were looking for something that can handle a little more rugged abuse, yet provide semi-precision cuts then consider purchasing the Olfa Cutter Knife. We also have a heavy duty utility knife that can cut through thick corrugated plastic and other thick media without precision.

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