Custom Stickers

Custom Stickers

Custom printed stickers currently come kiss-cut on individual liners. Kiss-cut stickers are very similar to die-cut stickers however, when we cut them, the liner is not the same shape as the sticker.

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Custom Printed Stickers

Custom printed stickers in a variety of material types for all occasions. Design your own through our Design Tool or upload your own artwork by first selecting your size, material and quantity and then clicking the customize it button. Don't need a design printed and only want blank stickers just click add to cart after making your proper selections. We also offer Lot Changes (aka Variable Data)for most of our custom printed products and our custom printed stickers is no different. This allows customers to provide us with variable data for their designs by uploading a list of names, numbers or other textual changes found in their design layout but still take advantage of our quantity discount breaks. To learn more please checkout our Lot Changes details.

Paper Stickers

This is the type of stickers you remember as a kid and the type your parents hated to clean up afterwards. They're made from paper and intended for short term, disposable and indoor use only. These are NOT the kind you would put on a car window or bumper or even a laptop. For those kinds of stickers use Vinyl Stickers instead.

Vinyl Stickers

This is what most people are likely looking for when shopping for stickers. Vinyl based stickers can be used on laptops, car windows and other outdoor uses. Vinyl sticker removal within the first year or two should be fairly easy and might only require a fingernail. Removal after long term use might require more aggressive options like decal remover fluid and a vinyl scraper. If your design is intricate, you might need Custom Vinyl Decals instead. Vinyl Decals contain transfer tape as a way to transfer the custom shape from the liner to your application surface.

Reflective Stickers

We produce custom reflective stickers as an option for high visibility in low light scenarios. Shinning a flashlight or headlights across your reflective sticker will help your design stand out and be seen. Most common uses for reflective stickers are used on emergency vehicles.

We currently offer paper based stickers as well as vinyl and reflective based stickers. Each sticker will come on it's own individual liner but we plan to offer sticker sheet in the near future. In the meantime, you can create your own sticker sheet by selecting the square or rectangle shape. Our Design Tool will then provide you with a blank canvas for all your individual sticker designs.

Some people fear traditional stickers because they leave behind a paper and adhesive mess. If you have similar fears, consider using the vinyl sticker material instead. Vinyl stickers are not made from a paper but rather vinyl and can be used outdoors. Traditional stickers are made from paper adhesive and are NOT recommended for use outdoors.

If your sticker design is intricate and our default shapes below do not work for your needs we suggest using our Vinyl Decals instead. Decals are very similar to stickers except they contain transfer tape layer which helps you apply your adhesive graphic to your window, skateboard or other clean and smooth surface.

Customizable Sticker Templates