Ordering Information

Ordering Information

Ordering custom printed swag or marketing products through our website is pretty easy to do. If you have a print ready file you can always upload it through our Design Tools. If you do not have your own files but do have a logo or other graphics and pictures you can also upload them to create your own custom decals, car magnets and more. What you create is simply a product of your own imagination and self expression. 

We corner the print on demand market by removing minimum quantity limits so that our customers are not forced into orders larger than they need. This benefit also makes it possible to order one or two of any of our products as a test run before placing a larger order. We highly advise this because we cannot refund custom printed orders. When ordering through StickyLife, all custom made to order products are not elegible for refunds because the material used cannot be restocked and resold to someone else. In addition, we cannot recapture the labor that went into the cost to manufacture your products. Better to play it safe and order one or two as a test run to make sure our products will work for your needs. We're pretty sure they will.   

We work hard to make ordering from StickyLife as easy as possible however however if you need help setting up design through our website or placing your order we are here to help, just give us a call: 1.800.356.8904.


What to Expect

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Pre-Production: During this process we review your design settings. Image quality and prep your order by adding cutlines, bleeds and more to your print file.

Production: The production process is just about like one might imagine. We send your files through the appropriate printing process for your order. Most decals are combined with other orders for larger job runs.

Post Production: After Production your order goes through a quality review process to determine if the outcome was as it should be. If your decal does not pass it will then need to go back into production.

Pre Order Placement

Before placing your order you'll want to collect all the design elements that you'll need. Many customers already have their print ready files ready to upload but if you don't have a file to upload you can always create a design through our Design Tools using the fonts, graphics and photos we provide. We have over 800 different fonts to choose from and more than 1 million and counting images. Many of our graphics are customizable through the design tool. Take some time getting familiar with our Design Tools through our Design Tool Introduction page. We also provide some short Design Tool video tutorials that might help give you the basics of our design tools.

Once you have your product created and ready to purchase you'll need to approve of the design and confirm the quantity you want to purchase. Our Digital Proof page will allow you to review the design and enter the quantity you'd like to order before adding it to your shopping cart. If you see any issues with your design on the Digital Proof page, please give us a call and we'll review your design with you to make sure it turns out like you want.

Once your personalized design has been added to your shopping cart and you're done shopping feel free to click the checkout button. You'll then be taken to the checkout page for order placement.

Things to Consider

Minimum Quantity Limits are something that we work hard to avoid. Most of our products can be ordered without quantity limits. The only limitation at the moment is our Temporary Tattoos but the minimum order limit for our water slide tattoos is only 25 pieces. We hope to one day eliminate the need to have a minimum order quantity for tattoos. We do offer quantity discounts so the more you order of any of our products the cheaper the unit price.

Lot Changes allow you to order one design with minor or limited changes between copies. For example, when schools order car magnets or window decals for their athletic department they will often times want a single design but include a different football players name on each magnet or decal. This allows customers to take advantage of the quantity discounts and keep their unit cost low. The process is fairly easy but will require you to provide us with a spreadsheet during checkout. When setting up your design please use the longest variable (IE Players name) in your design so that we can assure the rest of your items will fit within your design. You can also include a column in your spreadsheet for the quantity of each variation that you're ordering. During checkout simply make sure the quantity you're ordering matches the quantity shown in your spreadsheet. NOTE: we are not responsible for spelling errors, but are here to help if errors are found.

Custom Sizes are available for most of our products and will allow you to design just about any size for many of our products. Not all products have this ability but we try to make it an option as often as possible. Products we offer custom sizes are as follows: Decals, Magnets, Static Cling, Reflective stickers, aluminum signs, corrugated signs and vinyl banners. Each of these products have their own minimum and maximum sizes based on the materials used. Our website will alert you on size if you exceed any of our limitations. It is important to point out that we have print margins and tolerances that need to be maintained. For example, decals and magnets have a 0.125" (1/8") safety zone that should be maintained. This helps ensure all important design elements remain within the product during cutting. Our Design tools offer a safety line to help you see where that safe zone is. We mention this here and now because the safety zone impacts the printable area when ordering really small sizes.

Free Samples are available upon request. We offer free samples to customers to evaluate our materials and print quality before placing an order. We do however ask customers to cover the cost of shipping samples to you. Each sample pack contains a printed sample of most of our products. Only products that we don't include in the sample packs are License Plates, License plate frames, apparel or accessory items. The sample prints are all preprinted with our own designs and cannot be printed in your design. If you want to review your own design and how it prints on our materials we suggest ordering one or two as a test run before placing your larger order.

Place Your Order

We accept most major credit card payments as well as ApplePay and PayPal. StickyLife uses secure servers that utilize encryption technology, so you will never have to fear about using your credit card on our site. All credit card information transmitted through our website is only seen by our payment processors and used only once to process your order. We do not store credit card information. If you don't feel safe paying online, you can always send us a check or money order. Your order will not be produced until we receive payment.

We also offer Purchase Order options for organizations like schools, churches and non-profit organizations. For you to be eligible you will need to fill out a Purchase Order Agreement form. We do however prefer credit card payments so we can get your order into production as soon as possible.

Please note: orders placed using checks or money orders will be put on hold until we receive payment in full. Once payment has been received, we'll get your order into production and shipped out to you.

After Order Placement

When you place an order with StickyLife.com, you will receive an order number for reference in case you need to call us about the order you placed. We suggest writing this number down just in case there are any issues with your order. If you have not received an order confirmation number, your order may not have been placed. Just give us a call and we'll look into it.

Your order confirmation email includes information such as date and time of order, products ordered, billing address, shipping address, and total cost including shipping and any applicable taxes or discounts. If you wrote a customer comment in your order, you will also be able to find that in your email. We respond to all order comments, because we find it important to remain in touch with our customers during the production of their order.

In addition, we include an image the items ordered for your reference. All this information found in your order confirmation is the exact same thing we receive when we prepare to develop your order. We look over this information very closely to ensure high quality service and prompt, accurate delivery of your products.

Though we study your order with great detail we suggest you read over your email as soon as you get it, to verify that everything was correct when you placed your order. While we may be able to detect errors in the order, you will be the only one to determine if your design is correct. If we detect issues or develop questions regarding your order, then we will call you to verify your order information was correct, before we send it into production. Reading over your email may help prevent errors before we produce your order. This is important because we have a no return policy on any customized products.

If for some reason you do not receive a confirmation email or need additional help, please contact us.