Purchase Orders

Purchase Orders

Purchase orders are often used by schools and universities as well as businesses large and small. We provide Net 30 Terms for our Purchase Order customers.


We work with Purchase Orders in two ways. If you're paying with a credit card but want to include your PO number for your school or companies accounting department you will be provided with an option during the credit card checkout process to include your PO number.

If you however want to actually place your order with a Purchase Order payment option we will first need to get you to sign the Purchase Order Agreement form. As long as you're in good standing with your Purchase Order Agreement and you have no outstanding charges we will provide you with Net30 Terms. This allows you to place your order, receive the product and then provide your payment. When signing the Purchase Order Agreement you agree to provide payment promptly within 30 business days.

Please download, print and sign the following form. Once filled out please email or fax it back to us so we can attach it to your account records.