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Prepare your application surface for your decals and vinyl lettering with this surface cleaner. Some window cleaners, like Windex, contain a waxy substance that can leave a film on the window for a streak-free shine but this can prohibit decals from properly sticking during the application process. Our surface cleaner will remove those kinds of waxy films, dust, oils left behind from your skin and other contaminates that may prevent successful decal applications.

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We also sell surface cleaner wipes for small decal applications (25 square inches or less) but the 2oz bottle will handle larger decals (250 square inches or more). For large format decals or larger quantity of decal applications we suggest our 16oz bottle of surface cleaner (2,000 square inches or more).

It is possible that you may already have the required supplies in your home and can avoid purchasing our surface cleaners. You will need a lint free cloth, Isopropyl alcohol and water. Mix together a 50/50 blend of the isopropyl alcohol and water and then dampen your lint free cloth with the solution. This should provide you with a similar result as our surface cleaners. You may also want to keep another dry lint free cloth nearby to help dry up after your cleaning. If you are fortunate to have an empty spray bottle you can also use that to help administer your cleaning mix to your surface.

We suggest cleaning beyond the decal boundaries a little so that you can ensure all areas are clean and ready for decal, static cling or vinyl lettering application.

    Decal Surface Cleaning Solution:
  • Use on windows
  • Use on walls
  • Use on plastic
  • Use on metal
  • Do not use on fabric

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