Alcohol Wipe Pads


Removes all traces of oil or soap residues that may prevent your vinyl lettering, decals or static clings from sticking with these alcohol wipe pads. Oils from skin, soap residues, and dust can all prevent your decals from adhering to your surface very well and will need to be properly cleaned before application can occur. This is the first and most important step to a successful decal application.

Alcohol Wipe Pads Details

  • Removes dust, dirt, soaps, and oils.
  • Leaves streak-free surface.
  • Includes one wet wipe and one dry pad.
  • Contains isopropyl alcohol.
  • Each wipe measures 3.25"x3.25".

Use these Decal Alcohol Wipes for best results. You may already have the required supplies in your home and can avoid purchasing these application prep pads. You'll need a lint free cloth, isopropyl alcohol, and water. Mix together a 50/50 blend of the isopropyl alcohol and water and then lightly dampen your lint free cloth. Keep a dry lint free cloth nearby so that you can dry up any excess liquid that may be left behind.

One wipe pack should be suitable for one 5"x5" decal. It is recommended that you clean a few inches beyond the actual location that your decal will be applied. Doing so will provide you with extra room in case you want to move your decal a little before permanently setting it into place.

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