Rivet Brush


Rivet brushes are ideal tools for applying large decals to the side of a trailer that contains rivets. The Rivet Brush helps push the pressure sensitive vinyl adhesive down over the rivets for a more polished and professional finish

Rivet Brush Details

The 3M Rivet Brush is an application tool for conforming vinyl around rivets and other irregular shapes. Handy for large format vinyl decals that are going to be applied to trailers, semis or other large vehicles that might have textured surfaces. You can burnish film over rivets with ease because this application tool's large wood handle grip is comfortable and encourages full arm movement. The stiff bristles allow you to force vinyl adhesives over rivets faster and generate a stronger contact with. We do not suggest using on unexposed vinyl prints. Ideally used over transfer tape. The bristles of the applicator are stiff and may scratch the vinyl if used on vinyl without a protective covering.

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