Frog Juice

Aerosol Can 12oz
Quart 32oz
Gallon 128oz
All prices in USD

Frog Juice UV sealant and high gloss surface protector. Available in three different sizes: 12oz Aerosol Can, Quart, and Gallon. Used by hobbiest, museums and more to protect printed graphics from fading in the sun. 

Frog Juice Details

This UV spray adhesive will coat and help protect your outdoor signs, banners, decals, and more!

Frog Juice makes an excellent protective sealant for all kinds of products, including:

- Aluminum signs
- Corrugated signs
- Vinyl decals for use on permanent surfaces
- License plates
- Vinyl Banners
- so much more!

Frog Juice takes about five minutes to dry to the light touch and 30 minutes to dry enough to be fully handled. After 30 days, the spray-on resin coating will be fully cured to its hardest level. You can easily use Frog Juice on any materials that are bendable or easy to fold, like vinyl banners, and it will not crack, wrinkle, fade, or discolor your designs.

Why should I use Frog Juice on my signs, banners, or decals?

While it's not a requirement to use a sealant on any of our products, Frog Juice provides additional protection from the elements which in turn lengthen your product's lifespan. You can use it on vinyl decals to help seal the edges and prevent material from rolling up from the application surface during intense weather situations, or apply it to your car magnets to give them a high gloss finish that easily bends with the material should you need to remove or reposition it.

Frog Juice is an excellent sealant option for anyone interested in increasing the longevity of their custom printed products!

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