Car Magnet Templates

Car Magnet Templates

One of the hardest parts of Design is also the first part - coming up with an idea. One of the best ways to get over that hurtle is to look at other designs to help inspire your own ideas. These Car Magnet Templates can be personalized to your liking by editing the colors, images and text. You can also upload your own graphics in the format of photos, logos and more.

The Car Magnets below are displayed on a checkered pattern so that you can see the actual shape of the magnet. The checkered background is not part of the magnet and will not print. Filter the results by shape if you already know what shape you want.

Sticky Life brand magnets are manufactured from 0.030” thick outdoor durable magnetic material. Though we offer these magnets for use on vehicles they can actually be used no just about any iron based metal surface. Some of customers use our magnets for sports, memorials, practical jokes, business marketing and advertising.

If you already have a magnet design in mind and don’t need our templates then use our start from scratch car magnets.

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  • So Many Pets
    So Many Pets On Board Diamond Shaped Car Magnet

    If you're running out of room in your car because you have a lot of pets, then you probably need ... more

  • Women In Science
    International Women and Girls in Science Day Star Car Magnet

    Chemistry. Mathematics. Physics. Astronomy. Biology. Engineering. Can she do it? YES SHE CAN! Yo... more

  • Anybody But the Patriots
    Anybody But the Patriots Superbowl Football Pigskin Car Magnet

    Tom Brady has enough Championship Rings, don't you think? The pig skin football was never actual... more

  • I Love Cheese
    I Love Cheese Car Magnet

    Fewer things in life taste as good as a giant wheel of cheese. No minimum quantity limits Imp... more

  • World MS Day Heart Magnet
    World MS Day Heart Car Magnet

    People with MS often times don't "look" like they have a disability, but the invisible symptoms a... more

  • It's Elementary Bumper Car Magnet
    Sherlock Holmes Day It's Elementary Bumper Car Magnet

    Sir Arthur Conan Doyle once tried to kill off Sherlock Holmes in order to focus on his other writ... more

  • Forever Grumpy Circle Magnet
    Forever Grumpy Cat Circle Car Magnet

    Grumpy isn't a mood, it's a lifestyle choice. Create your own Custom Circle Shaped Auto Magnet... more

  • I'd Rather Be Watching Hockey
    I'd Rather Be Watching Hockey Oval Car Magnet

    Nothing is quite as exciting as an action packed hockey game! Oval shaped car magnets aka euro s... more

  • Inspirational Quote Magnet
    Inspirational Quote Rectangle Car Magnet

    Short blurb paraphrasing everything mentioned in the actual product description! Our rectangle c... more

Items shown 1 to 9 of 174 total