S Hooks

  • 9/32" Hole - Fits a 1/4" Bolt/Screw
  • 1.5" or 2.75" long
  • 3/16" thick
  • 10lbs weight limit
  • Black Powder Coating

S Hooks Details

Black powder coated S Hooks allow for fast and easy installation of your indoor or outdoor signs. Each hook measures 2.75" long and and can support up to "10 lbs". If your sign contain hanging holes measuring 3/16" or larger and weighs 10 pounds or less then these hooks should work for your needs.

The black powder coating makes these steel based hooks rush resistant as long as the powder coating is not damaged by the sign.

Can be used to mount your swinging signs to sign brackets and awnings or for your banner installations. There are many uses for s hooks that go well beyond the sign industry.

S-Hooks provide a quick and easy solution for attaching your sign blank to brackets, rings and cable. When used indoors you can possibly use the S Hooks directly on the sign and sign holder. For outdoor use we recommend using an alternative to the s-hooks when hanging your custom aluminum signs. The wind can cause the sign to sway and will wear through your metal sign much faster. For outdoor signs that might sway in the wind we suggest using our rubber-coated sign hangers.

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