Hole In One Vinyl Lettering

8.1" x 13.09"
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Design & Buy your own custom vinyl lettering without minimum quantity limits. Our Design Tool will allow you to create your own adhesive letters & numbers that you can apply to anything with a clean smooth surface. Lettering is cut to shape when possible.

Hole In One Vinyl Lettering Details

Make your own vanity Hole In One Vinyl Lettering through our easy to use design tool. Edit this design by changing the text and colors. What you create will be a product of your own imagination.

These self-adhesive vinyl cut letters come ready to apply to windows, walls, laptops and anything else with a clean and smooth surface. If you want to include images, clip art or other graphics with your letters we suggest using our Pro Decal Tool instead. The pro decal tool will provide you with a blank canvas based on size dimensions you provide and will allow you to upload your own graphics, search through our clip art database and of course add text. Cut to shape (no background) Top layer includes a transfer tape for easy application Instructions comes with every order No Minimum Quantity Limits! How to Apply Cut Lettering Vinyl Lettering application example Every custom window lettering order comes sandwiched between a protective silicone coated paper and a transfer tape. The transfer tape will help make application a breeze. The information below is a quick review on how to apply vinyl lettering. For complete instructions and additional tips see our Vinyl Learning Center. Your first step is going to make sure you have a clean and smooth surface for application. Be sure to clean the surface with a mild non-abrasive cleaner and lint free cloth. Don't assume your surface is clean. Many soaps and cleaners will leave behind a waxy residue. When you remove the transfer tape your letters should also come off the carrying paper. Caution should be used at this point because you will be exposing the adhesive side of the vinyl, making it possible for them to attract dust. Another threat at this stage of the process would be the transfer tape and letters touching each other. You'll want to be careful handling your lettering. The adhesive on the back of the lettering is stronger than the transfer tape, so when you apply your vinyl to your car window, tail gait, or wall you should be able to peel off the transfer tape leaving behind only letters. Firmly squeegee the decal to your surface. Firm pressure is required to make sure the vinyl has securely attached to the surface. Peel the transfer tape back slowly and look at each letter as you remove the tape. If elements in your lettering are remaining attached to the tape you'll need to slowly reapply the transfer tape for that area. Squeegee that area with a little extra force and then attempt to peel that area off again. Where can Window Lettering be Used? Vinyl lettering is a perfect choice for use on walls, boats, jet skis, personal watercraft, kayaks, snowmobiles, hotrods, race cars, trucks, vans, SUVs, other vehicles, windows, storefronts, and virtually any other smooth and clean surface. Our Vinyl Lettering is usually "Cut-to-Shape". If we cannot cut your lettering to shape we will need to print on clear vinyl and then "Contour Cut" within 1/8 of an inch from the design. Use the following image as an example. NOTE: The pink outline depicts cut lines and is not part of the printed design. Cut to Shape Vinyl Decals Versus Contour Cut decals vinyl-lettering-1116-0002-0023
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