Flat Wall Mount Banner Bracket

Fiberglass Banner Brackets:
  • 2 - 3/4" fiberglass Pole
  • 2 - clevis pins
  • 2 - clevis rings
  • 2 - 3/4" plastic end caps
  • 2 - 3/4" cable ties UV 7
Not Included but things you will likely need:
  • Screws or nails.
  • Hammer or screwdriver.

Flat Wall Mount Banner Bracket Details

These fiberglass banner brackets are made to be installed on flat surface like a square post or wall. With these banners you can stretch a looped vinyl banner between the two fiberglass posts. Commonly seen on light and telephone poles these banner brackets act as a great marketing piece.

This heavy duty banner kit is designed to withstand most weathering elements. Heavy to extreme weather may damage your banner signs and extra precautions to protect them may be necessary. The base is made from a heavy duty plastic while the pole is constructed of durable fiberglass. The fiberglass arms are designed to flex in strong winds, transferring some of the wind load off the banner.

Recommend for finished pole banners with 2 1/2" pole pocket and grommet.

Hang your banner securely with the top and bottom arm assemblies that are included with each kit. In addition to the banner poles - each kit comes with all necessary mounting bracket, pins, rings, caps and zip ties for installing one single or double sided banner. Mounting hardware from bracket to wall not included.

They can also function independently as a single pole hanger for pennants, flags and weighted streamer ribbons. Other common uses for these poles are to use them horizontally (left and right) instead of top and bottom. Your banner design will need to be setup in the landscape format to make this orientation make sense. Most common uses of these brackets are used vertically.

The general wind direction and power of the wind in your area should be considered before purchasing a banner bracket pole. Size of your banner will also play a factor into how much wind the banner catches and therefore how much force is applied to the bracket's arms. If you receive heavy to extreme winds in your area your banner could catch enough window to rip or tear the banner or break the poles. In most cases this kind of issue is not a concern but it is however the customer's responsibility to determine if this product is suitable for use based on their physical and environmental conditions.

Wall Mount Banner Bracket Kits are available in 4 sizes. 18", 24", 30" and 36" fiberglass arms support most standard banner lengths. Length of your wall mount banner will be determined by the banner and the area you have for installation.

During installation you will want to first install the top banner to determine height. Once the top arm is installed add the banner to the poll. Where the bottom of the banner hangs will be close to where the bottom arm will need to be installed. You will want the banner to have a little tension to keep it stretched between each pole. Apply your bottom pole accordingly and then insert the pole into the bottom portion of your banner.

wall mount bracket measurements wall mount plate diagram
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