Vinyl Application

Vinyl Application

Every vinyl decal and lettering application has it's own unique challenges. Though we try to make application as easy as possible, we also understand that sometimes you just want the best of the best with little room for error. Use these vinyl application products below as a way to help simplify your custom decal application experience. We personally use many of these products here at our corporate office when applying our own vinyl decals and stickers.

We suggest using the wet application method when applying large format decals and vinyl lettering. The wet application method only works on solvent based adhesives like the ones used in our decal manufacturing. The wet application method helps smooth out your decal and eliminate air bubbles. It also helps protect your decal from premature adhesion to your surface. The accessories below help with this process.


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  1. Moon Felt Squeegee

    This moon shaped squeegee is manufactured from 1/2" thick felt material and has a long term use capability. Our other soft felt squeegees wear out faster and do not hold up to heavy pressure like this decal squeegee. Moon Felt Squeegee

  2. OLFA Cutter Knife

    Ideal for cutting vinyl decals and other car detailing jobs. The OLFA cutter knife is similar to an X-Acto blade but offers a fast and convenient way to store the blade. This knife also includes a pocket clip - if you want to be that kind of dork. (It's a respectable level of dorkiness) OLFA Cutter Knife

  3. Rivet Brush

    Rivet brushes are ideal tools for applying large decals to the side of a trailer that contains rivets. The Rivet Brush helps push the pressure sensitive vinyl adhesive down over the rivets for a more polished and professional finish Rivet Brush

  4. Sample Pack

    Sample Pack Includes the following examples: 1 Car Magnet, 1 Decal with back adhesive, 1 Face Static Cling, 1 Back Static Cling, 1 Temporary tattoo, 1 Reflective Sticker, 1 Paper-based Sticker 1 Floor Sticker, 1 Super Cling with back cling 1 Vinyl Banner Sample Pack

  5. Seal It Pen

    Seal It Vinyl Graphic Pen is great for use on permanent decal applications or gold leaf in situations where the vinyl is exposed to constant wiping. Seal It Pen

  6. Silver Nylon Squeegee

    Silver Nylon Squeegee for decal application. Soft plastic construction and smooth edge helps protect the decal from being scratched. Other squeegees might have a sharp and firm edge that could damage the decal. Silver Nylon Squeegee

  7. Soft Felt Squeegee

    Soft felt squeegee ideal for gentle decal application. Felt edge of squeegee provides smooth contact when applying your decal through the wet application method. Soft Felt Squeegee

  8. Surface Cleaner

    Prepare your application surface for your decals and vinyl lettering with this surface cleaner. Some window cleaners, like Windex, contain a waxy substance that can leave a film on the window for a streak-free shine but this can prohibit decals from properly sticking during the application process. Our surface cleaner will remove those kinds of waxy films, dust, oils left behind from your skin and other contaminates that may prevent successful de... Surface Cleaner

  9. X-Acto Knife

    X-Acto blades are one of the industries favorite craft and hobby knifes. The pencil sized knife with small blade allows for detailed cuts and sharp precision. This knife cuts smoothly like an Olympic skater on ice. When you are finished cutting you can flip the blade around for protection. X-Acto Knife

Items shown 11 to 19 of 19 total