Vinyl Application

Vinyl Application

Every vinyl decal and lettering application has it's own unique challenges. Though we try to make application as easy as possible, we also understand that sometimes you just want the best of the best with little room for error. Use these vinyl application products below as a way to help simplify your custom decal application experience. We personally use many of these products here at our corporate office when applying our own vinyl decals and stickers.

We suggest using the wet application method when applying large format decals and vinyl lettering. The wet application method only works on solvent based adhesives like the ones used in our decal manufacturing. The wet application method helps smooth out your decal and eliminate air bubbles. It also helps protect your decal from premature adhesion to your surface. The accessories below help with this process.


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  1. 3M Squeegee

    Soft squeegee for decal application. 3M Squeegee

  2. Decal Application Fluid

    Rapid Tac Decal Application Fluid Decal Application Fluid

  3. Decal Application Kit

    The decal application kit provides you with all the necessary tools for a successful decal installation. When installing vinyl lettering and decals it quite helpful to have at least a squeegee and application fluid. This kit also includes some other tools that might help you obtain success, but may not always be necessary. Decal Application Kit

  4. Fabric Tape Measure

    Contains 60" fabric tape with US and Metric Scales Stop action button Small compact size Lightweight Contains looped end Fabric Tape Measure

  5. Felt Tipped Squeegee

    Felt tipped or wrapped squeegee offers a firm edge but soft enough to help protect the vinyl graphics from scratching during application. Save time and money by eliminating the need to " wrap" a squeegee, or using a premask. Most of our decals come premasked for easy application however additional squeegeeing may be necessary after the transfer tape (aka premask) is removed. If this happens to you - you'll be glad you have a felt-wrapped squeeg... Felt Tipped Squeegee

  6. Frog Juice

    Frog Juice UV sealant and high gloss surface protector. Available in three different sizes: 12oz Aerosol Can, Quart, and Gallon. Used by hobbiest, museums and more to protect printed graphics from fading in the sun.  Frog Juice

  7. Marking Pencils

    Water-soluable pencil for marking most surfaces when applying vinyl lettering or decals. Marking Pencils

  8. Metal Scissors

    Metal Scissors with plastic handle for Righties and Lefties. Metal Scissors

  9. Metal Utility Knife

    This heavy duty box cutter comes a bright and colorful array of colors. Each utility knife features a push slide button that hides or exposes the blade for cutting. The slide button has three preset levels. Push all the way for full extension. Metal Utility Knife

Items shown 1 to 10 of 19 total