Pole Mount Banner Bracket

Pole Mount Banner Bracket Includes:
  • 2 poles
  • 2 base plates
  • 4 screw straps (aka quick release bands)
  • 2 zip ties
  • 2 end caps
  • 2 pins
  • 2 rings

Pole Mount Banner Bracket Details

Mount your vertical banners to a light pole, street lamp, tree, or telephone pole where acceptable. Some cities and states have laws that prohibit you from applying a sign to their poles. Be sure to first check with your local law enforcement about installing a sign. We would hate for you to purchase one of our banner kits only to be violating a city ordnance or state law.

These banners come with all the necessary parts to vertically or horizontally install a stretched banner. The pole mounts come with a mounting plate that is intended to be installed with screw straps. These screw straps are safe on painted finishes and trees.

Installation is fairly easy and can be started by first mounting the top bracket. Once this is done install your banner and allow it to hang down to mark the location of your bottom bracket arm. Be sure to make the banner taught so that it stretches nice and smooth from top to bottom. The brackets can also be stretched horizontally if desired.

We also sell a flat wall mount bracket that works in a similar way but is made for flat surfaces instead of curved surfaces like a pole or tree. The flat brackets contain holes for screwing or nailing to wall or square wooden post. We do not suggest nailing or screwing to a tree. We like trees, don't you?

Pole Mount Banner Bracket Installation of a Pole Mount Banner Bracket Pole mount banner bracket example Banner bracket straps up close details Banner bracket pin details
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