Custom Vinyl Decals

Custom Vinyl Decals

StickyLife custom vinyl decals come in various default or custom shapes, based on your artwork—pricing based on the size & quantity selection below. Select your options below, and then click "Customize It" to use our Design Tool or Add to Cart if you don't want a design.

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StickyLife custom vinyl decals come in various default or custom shapes, based on your artwork—pricing based on the size & quantity selection below. Select your options below, and then click "Customize It" to use our Design Tool or Add to Cart if you don't want a design.


Custom Vinyl Decal Information

Vinyl decals are different than custom stickers because decals contain transfer tape, and stickers do not. Some people refer to these decals as transfer stickers or window decals. The outcome is mostly the same because you now have a graphic adhesive applied to a clean and smooth surface, but it's essential to know when to order a decal vs. a sticker. Stickers are generally easy to peel and stick to just about anything, while decals require, by definition, a transfer mechanism. Decals need transfer tape because the design of the graphic adhesive is complex or contains more than one design element. The transfer tape or film allows the design to be transferred from the liner to your surface while keeping the design layout. Our custom transfer stickers offer a custom cut-to-shape option that will always require this transfer tape.

Our custom decals are made from vinyl adhesive with adhesive on the back, but adhesive can be applied to the front upon request. We don't have any minimum quantity limits, so you can order as many vinyl decals as you'd need. Vinyl decals are also known as "Window Stickers" or "Vinyl Graphics." Consider our custom window clings or car magnets if you want something more removable and reusable..

Easily create your custom window decal designs using the features inside our Design Tool, or upload your custom artwork. Car decals are made from vinyl for outdoor use but can also be applied to any clean and smooth surface indoors. What you design will be a product of your imagination and creativity, so feel free to express yourself. PRO TIP: When making your car decals, first take measurements of the area you plan to apply your decal onto to ensure your decals will work for your needs.

Decals are composed of three parts: a release liner, vinyl adhesive graphic, and transfer tape. The transfer tape is available by default to assist with easy application. Removal of the liner will expose the decals adhesive for easy application. Once applied to your clean and smooth surface, you can then remove the transfer tape. Custom transfer stickers are another term for decals.

StickyLife window decals custom printed for your unique needs in various shapes, sizes, and colors. Our decal designer makes it easy to create a one-of-a-kind decal for yourself or a friend as a personalized gift.

Our Decal Design Templates can be used to get started with your custom design.

INDOOR/OUTDOOR football decal application to a car trunk.
  • NO MINIMUM Quantity Limits
  • Add text, personal photos, or use our clip art options.
  • Use on car windows, walls, laptops, and other clean, smooth surfaces.
  • Solvent-based adhesive made for exterior application.
  • Choose your shape, size, and color to get started.
  • 2.5 mil vinyl thickness, up to 5 years of indoor/outdoor durability
  • We have over 100+ decal shapes.

Custom Vinyl Decal Colors

The colors we provided by default are only default colors. You can upload your graphics, logos, and more with your colors, and we will do our best to match your colors. At the moment, we can hit about 98% of Pantone colors within a delta-e of 3 or lower, which means that it's virtually indistinguishable to most people. Use these default colors as an example. Select the color from the drop-down menu above to make your selection before entering the Design Tool. In addition, we provide color details for creative professionals who need specific colors.

Parts of Personalized Decals

decal parts explained. Transfer tape, Vinyl and Release Liner.

When you purchase a custom decal from StickyLife, you can expect your graphic to be sandwiched between a release liner and transfer tape. The transfer tape makes application easy. See our decal application how-to video to learn more. Check out our learning center to learn more about how to apply vinyl decals.

Decal Application Surface

Decal Application Surfaces

Apply your custom vinyl decal onto smooth surfaces like wood, glass, high gloss plastic, and metal. Generally, you shouldn't have any difficulties if the surface is clean and smooth. However, lightly textured surfaces like some plastics can be difficult, if not impossible, to apply.

Decal Adhesive Details

Adhesive Compound graphic

StickyLife decals contain adhesive on the backside by default. However, upon request, the adhesive can be added to the front of your decal instead. The adhesive we use is solvent-based and ideal for outdoor use because it will not break down when in contact with water.

No Minimum Decals

No Minimums

StickyLife offers No Minimum quantity limits, so you can buy custom decals as a test run before placing a larger order. Because we have no minimums, you can also purchase a small batch to test which designs sell best with your customers if you're reselling.

Vinyl Decal Pricing

dollar sign

Price is based mainly on size and quantity. Your unit price will drop as you order larger quantities. Learn more about Quantity Discount Levels

Vinyl Decal Weathering Conditions

Weathering Element graphic - rain, snow, sun images.

When shopping for custom vinyl decals, consider what kind of adhesive is used. If they are not made from vinyl and don't use solvent-based adhesive, there is no guarantee they will work outside for very long. Other manufacturers use acrylic-based glues that will not last as long outdoors. Our decals are made from vinyl and use solvent-based adhesives for outdoor use. Because we make our decals this way, you can expect them to withstand most weathering conditions for up to 5 years.

After about five years, you might notice some subtle color fading. How much sun exposure and usage the decal goes through will determine your decal's lifespan. Customers who use their decals indoors will experience a much longer lifespan.

Decal Ordering Expectations

After you go through our Vinyl Decal tool, you will receive digital proofs for review. If approved, you will click the add to cart button to add your custom decals to your shopping cart for order placement. After placing your order, our pre-production department will review your designs and prepare them to be sent into production. If you provide us with any order comments, we will respond to them at that time. If we have any issues with your designs, we will place the order on hold and contact you for a resolution. Once your files are ready, we will submit your order to production. Our production team will review the print results and make the necessary cuts to your design. Once finished, your order will be passed to shipping, where we will do a final inspection on the quality of your custom-printed decals. We will ship your order if all looks good and the proper quantities are in place. You can then expect a shipping confirmation email to let you know your order is on its way.

Turnaround Time for vinyl decals

Turnaround time clock and calendar

Turnaround time for all custom and personalized decal orders is based on the shipping method you select during checkout. We suggest providing us with at least ten business days for large volume orders.

Custom Vinyl Decal Order Progression

Order Progression timeline graphic. Order placement, Pre-Production, Production, Post-Production, Shipping

Pre-Production: During this process, we review your design settings—image quality and prep your order by adding cutlines, bleeds, and more to your print file.

Production: The production process is just about what one might imagine. We send your files through the appropriate printing process for your order. Most decals are combined with other customer orders for larger job runs.

Post Production: After production, your order goes through a quality review process to determine if the outcome was as it should be. If your custom vinyl decals do not pass, they will go back into production.

If you've come to make, create or design your decals, you've come to the right place!

Customizable Decal Templates

Decal Shape Options

Decal Customer Reviews

Ryan "Transfer Stickers"
"I have ordered multiple orders of 10+ (3.5" x 2") transfer stickers in the past few months, and they are awesome! Wish they were a little bit cheaper, but it's okay. Definitely recommend this product if you're in the market for transfer stickers!"
Walter Rawdanik "Exactly what I needed"
"Delivered exactly what I needed - no less and no more."
Dennis "Great"
"Another awesome delivery. The color match to my design was perfect and the decal applied easily!"