Sales and Discounts

Sales and Discounts

We have many different sales and discounts going on at the same time. All of our discounts are set up as a coupon code that you can enter in your shopping cart during purchasing. The discount code will then automatically subtract the appropriate amount from the total in your shopping cart.

The majority of our discounts are only available to our social media fans, past customers, and newsletter subscribers. Sign up for our newsletter through our Promotions section or join us on social media to receive special coupon codes on your purchase.


Quantity Discount Levels

Most of our products have quantity discount breaks starting at 3 or more pieces. The more you order the cheaper your product becomes. The following list is the average quantity discount breaks we offer for most of our products.

  1. 3+
  2. 10+
  3. 25+
  4. 50+
  5. 125+
  6. 250+
  7. 500+
  8. 1,000+
  9. 1,500+
  10. 2,500+
  11. 5,000+
  12. 10,000+

When ordering a quantity between one discount level and the next, your unit pricing will be based on the last quantity discount level. For instance, If you enter a quantity of 15 pieces your unit price will be based on the quantity discount break for 10+. Once you reach 25+ your unit price will drop to the 25+ discount level. As you can see, sometimes it may be cheaper to order more than you need.

Ordering larger quantities will give you a unit price that often times will allow you resell your custom printed products at a reasonable markup. If your design is popular and you already have a customer base you could make a profit by reselling your decals, car magnets or more. You will want to make sure you have the legal rights to any design you order through us before you attempt to resell them.