Weed Tweezers

Vinyl Weeding Tweezers • High-quality stainless steel • Comes in a plastic tube • Use for weeding and other various jobs

Weed Tweezers Details

We typically weed all decals that are cut to shape for you. There are times however when we overlook a part of a complex decal and mask the decal prematurely. In those rare occasions a decal tweezer might be needed to help remove those unwanted parts from your custom decal. These high quality stainless steel tweezers come packed in a plastic tube for easy storage. Each tweezer tip features a sharp precision aligned tip that makes plucking unwanted vinyl from your decals easy. Sometimes customers with long hair or customers working in dirty environments might find contaminates sticking to their transfer tape and decals just prior to applying their decals to their surface. In those cases one of these pointed tweezers will help remove those pesky pollutants.

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