Know Love No Hate Octagon Car Magnet

Know Love No Hate Octagon Car Magnet Details

Know Love No Hate Octagon Car Magnet

This past weekend our country witnessed a disgusting display of hate and violence in Charlottesville, VA. White Nationalist and White Supremacist descended upon the city in what was claimed to be a free speech based rally but instead erupted into a storm of brutality and violence city-wide which wounded at least 34 people and ended in the tragic deaths of three people. Now more than ever, all communities regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, social class, or religious beliefs need to close the divide and come together to unite against the message of hate and put an end to it forever!

Octagon car magnets can be used to create your own custom traffic sign. It can also be used for custom security stickers fro yourself or your business.

  • No minimum quantity limits
  • Important: Read product description before ordering.
  • Quantity discounts available when ordering as few as 3 or more
  • Flexible 30 mil thick magnetic material has a smooth finish for high quality results.
  • Life Expectancy of 2-3 years, all depending on the exposure to sunlight and proper care
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