Static Clings

Static Clings

Design and buy your own personalized static clings for windows and mirrors without minimum quantity limits. These non-adhesive clings are a great solution to window decals when customers are worried about adhesive. Ideally used on the inside of a car window that does not contain window tinting. Not suitable for exterior application as wind pressure will pull the cling off the window.

Businesses large and small use our window clings for store front designs, glass refrigerator doors in gas stations and for bathroom mirrors at special events for marketing purposes. Most of our customers however are individuals like you that don't want to be bound to an MOQ (Minimum order Quantity limit). Because we have no minimum quantity limits, order as many or as few as you'd like for a test run before order large quantities.

Directions: Select from any of the customized shapes to begin designing your unique static cling. Once you find the shape you like, you will be given options for color and size. Design and customize your new static cling by uploading pictures, adding text, and searching through our clip art for a style unique to only you.

Use our Static Cling Design Templates if you need help getting started with your design.

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  • Superman
    Superman Static Cling

    Are you a Super Man or a Super Woman? Superman themed static clings and diamond shaped window clings can make great additions t... Learn More

  • Pigskin
    Pigskin Static Cling

    The pig skin football was never actually made from pig skin at all. These footballs were made from animal bladders often times ... Learn More

  • Crest
    Crest Static Cling

    The crest static cling works great for family names, sport teams, fraternities and any of your favorite logos. No minimum qu... Learn More

  • Cat Paw
    Cat Paw Static Cling

    Make a great personalized cat paw static cling for your fellow cat lover who also happens to be indecisive. Static clings work ... Learn More

Items shown 37 to 40 of 40 total