Class of 2001 License Plate

6" x 12"
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Create Your Own Custom License Plate with Our Design Tool. No minimum quantity limits Quantity discounts available when ordering more than 3 vanity plates. Final price based on design. Choose from 36 different color backgrounds. Add pictures, text, logos, and more to make your own custom license plate. License plates are made from 0.025” thick high quality aluminum. Take a step back to review all of our aluminum license plates we have to offer. You can also go back even further to see all of our license plates.

Class of 2001 License Plate Details

Take it back to the early 2000s with this custom designed class of 2001 license plate. This aluminum personalized license plate can be customized to your linking without a quantity limit so bring back the Backstreet Boys and other favorites.

Create your own custom fun colored aluminum license plates. With more than 35 colors to choose from you're sure to find the right color.

Custom License Plate Product Info License plate measurements and size details Measures 6" high and 12" long. Has four slotted holes for acceptance from many vehicles. Aluminum based license plate printed with sublimation technology. Price based on your individual design. The more colors you use the more expensive it will be. Price rarely rises more than a few dollars. No Minimum Quantity Limits Vanity plates contains no protective cover to protect from damage Contains UV protections for years of exterior use label on the back. Prints full bleed all the way to the edges. 0.025" thick aluminum material.

License Plate Size Details

Materials and Construction All of our license plates are made in the USA and created with strong attention to detail. We pride ourselves in top quality American Made products and our vanity license plates are no exception. Each plate is made through a process called sublimation. Sublimation is the process of turning a solid into a vapor and bypassing the liquid state. When we sublimate your license plate we print your artwork in a reversed or mirror state. The printing is done through a special paper and UV ink. The ink quickly becomes a solid and sits on top of the paper. We then take your license plate blank that has been coated with a premium polymer coating and press it under some intense heat. The heat then converts the ink into a color vapor and the license plate traps the image in the polymer coated layer. The result is a high quality license plate with a shinny surface and professional look. Many of our products are made through the sublimation process like our keychains and dog tags. We don't stamp, press or emboss our vehicle plates. You can expect a flat auto tag without embossed or raised letters. Each metal license plate is approximately 0.025" thick and made from a high quality aluminum material. Create your own by adding your logo, photo, or use our clip art images and text to stylize your plate to your liking. The results will be a product of your own imagination and self expression. You don't need to be a designer to create high quality results. Our Design Tool has been set up for ease of use and is fairly simple to figure out. Check out our how to videos for design tool tips. If you still don't feel comfortable with your design abilities you can always hire a professional designer to help you come up with something. Screw holes are spaced to fit a wide variety of cars, trucks and SUVs. Our license plates will fit most domestic and foreign automobiles. Note Screws are not included with your automobile license plate. Usage Options You don't have to be a professional designer, graphic artist or super creative to create your own custom license plate. Being a graphic designer or knowing Adobe Photoshop does have some advantages when it comes to creating your own images and illustrations for uploading but if you don't have graphic skills then you can always use our clip art options. With more than 35 fun colors to choose from we're sure you'll find something that fits your personality. Our fun colored front license plates are a great medium for self-expression and personal style. They also make great self promotional items and can help bring attention to your small business. If you're looking to create your own front license plate as a gifts for friends, family, or practical jokes on unsuspecting co-workers then you've came to the right place. Many customers use our novelty license plates as a decorative item to hang on their wall or for their street rod or classic sports car. If you have a new driver in your household then you may want to get them their own name plate for the front of their car, truck or SUV so that everyone knows who to look out for. These aluminum plates also make great sports themed gifts. Our Design Tool gives you the creative freedom to make your own house divided vehicle tags. Don't forget to check out our custom license plate frames too. Quantity Discounts & Special Deals We offer quantity discounts for all of our custom license plates. Quality discounts starts at 3 + pieces Our prices are really good but we recognize that everyone appreciates a good deal from time to time. If the quantity discounts isn't enough for you we always provide specials discounts, freebies and more to our facebook fans. You can always find specials by befriending us on facebook.

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