Heat Gun

This dual temperature heat gun is made to strip off old decals, vinyl lettering, striping, paint and shrink wire wrap. It can also be used for applying cast vinyl to curved surfaces (like car wraps). By lightly heating the vinyl adhesive material you can stretch the vinyl to conform to a curved surface like a fender or bumper. Not to be used on calendar vinyl. Read vinyl decal details to learn more about what kind of vinyl materials are used for your particular product.

Heat Gun Details

    Dual Temperature Heat Gun includes:
  • Heat Gun
  • Reduction nozzle
  • Reflector nozzle
  • Large Deflector nozzle
  • Small deflector nozzle
  • Molded storage case.

The two heat settings includes one setting at 700 degrees and another at 925 degrees. Wattage between 1,000 and 1,500

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