Reverse Scroll Brackets


Reverse Scroll Brackets featuring a twisted steel shaft and classic flat iron scroll work with a ball finial on the tip.

  • Mounting plate with 4 holes
  • Durable Powder coating for outdoor installation
  • Three separate sizes
  • Decorative twisted shaft with arched scroll work and finial ball tip
  • Wrought Iron steel construction
  • Custom Signs and hardware sold separately

Reverse Scroll Brackets Details

Hang your custom sign with style and class. Our Scroll Brackets are made from a twisted steel shaft and ornamental flat-iron scroll. The bottom scroll adds support for the main shaft. The reverse scrolls curved shape provides an ideal space for custom ovals, circles, colonial style hanging signs.

Our stylish sign frames are an attractive way to display your wood and metal signs. The wrought iron scroll design gives the sign a professional finish. The 3” wide back plate is designed for wall and square post mounting. This back plate contains 4 holes for firm installation. These reverse scroll brackets are black powder coated which provides a durable long-lasting finish.

Reverse Scroll Brackets Diagram Small Reverse Scroll Brackets Diagram Medium Reverse Scroll Brackets Diagram Large