Circle Reflective Sticker

Circle reflective sitckers for vehicle doors and windows. Made to maximum reflection when a flashlight or headlight hits it in low lighting areas. These round stickers can be setup in any size you'd like but we do offer a few common sizes for your quick selection. 

Circle Reflective Sticker Details

  • Back adhesive for exterior application
  • Face adhesive is not an option with this material.
  • Ideal for Police, Fire and Emergency Medical Technicians.
  • Contour cut to shape and Pre-masked with Transfer Tape if needed
  • No Minimum Quantity Limits
  • Brighter colors in your design will reflect better than darker colors.
  • 3-5 Year Outdoor Durability
  • Permanent Acrylic Adhesive
  • Quantity Discounts Start at 3+ pieces
  • Maximum available size 44"x120" (height & width reversable).
  • Upload logos, add text or search through our 1Millon+ image and 30K+ Clip Art Library

Our circle reflective stickers are offered in a few different default sizes. We can also do custom sizes as long as it's within 44"x120" of the maximum size. First, select your size and then quantity before you click the customize it button. This will provide you with pricing.

Inside the Design Tool, you can upload your professional images and graphics. Please be aware that darker images will not reflect as well as darker colors. Stickers do NOT come with transfer tape. Simply peel and stick it to your car window or door. You can apply it to most clean and smooth surfaces.

Ideal use includes vehicle windows, car doors, bikes, metal signs, and more. Emergency services like Police, Fire, and medical professionals use our reflective stickers. Other uses include mailboxes, yard signs, and other situations where a safety label might be needed. Our stickers' reflectivity meets the Type I retroreflective sheeting requirement as per ASTM D 4956. Currently, our reflective stickers have a Class 2 Engineer Grade classification. The adhesive used is a Permanent acrylic adhesive. We DO NOT suggest using the wet application method with our reflective stickers. When peeling and sticking your sticker to your application surface, use caution and gentle care to position it as desired from the beginning. Once the adhesive has a firm connection with your surface, it will likely only come off causing damage to your sticker.

We also produce non-reflective circle decals if that is something you seek.

Circle Reflective Sticker Templates

Use the following Design Templates for a good starting point. Change the text, color, graphics and more. What you create will be a product of your own imagination and creativity.