Custom Static Clings

Custom Static Cling Example StickyLife Brand Static Clings

Made from highly plasticized vinyl that has been designed to stick to glass without adhesive. Cling visibility through car windows that have tinting might be difficult. If your vehicle has tinted windows we might suggest ordering decals instead. We also produce custom car magnets and vinyl window decals. Our decals have an adhesive backing for exterior application while our static clings do not. Clings are intended for interior application only. Wind pressure while driving down the road might pull your cling off your window if you apply on the outside. Just something to think about.

  • Prices start as low as $6.99 (Depending upon design)
  • No Adhesive.
  • Removable and reusable
  • Interior application only!
  • Can be produced for interior or exterior viewing.
  • Adheres to surfaces without adhesive, intended for interior application.

Select from any of the customized shape categories to begin designing your unique static cling. Once you find the shape you like, you will be given options for color and size. Design and customize your new static cling by uploading pictures, adding text, and searching through our clip art for a style unique to only you. Save it for later or buy it now. Your options are only limited by your imagination. Need help coming up with ideas? Check out our Featured Designs.


Each category has multiple shapes, sizes and colors. Make your selection to see more.

Standard Shaped Static Clings Standard Shaped Static Clings

Apply these standard shaped static clings to the inside of your car windows, metal file cabinets, glass partitions, and more. Standard cling shapes come in limited shapes and sizes and do not have adhesive backing. You can add text, graphics, personal photos, or use our clip art options.

Starting $6.99

Fun Shaped Static Clings Fun Shaped Static Clings

Currently our fun shaped static clings only come in hearts and 4ct diamonds. We hope to add new shapes like stars, speech bubbles, seals, and more in the near future. Create your own static cling through our Design Tool and then add it to our shopping cart. The end result will be based on your imagination and self-expression.

Starting $6.99

Sports Shaped Static Clings Sports Shaped Static Clings

Create your own custom sports shaped window clings. Apply these sport themed static clings to the inside of your car windows, the outside of metal filing cabinets and more. Great for parents who want to show support for their kids sporting activities. You can add your own text, graphics, personal photos, or use our clip art options.

Starting $6.99

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