Viewing Distance Tutorial

Viewing Distance Tutorial

Learn how to identify the size your design needs to be for ideal legibility at a given distance. Don't make your design too small if you intend to have people read your sign for a certain distance away.

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Learn how to properly size your product and design settings. The size of your product and design elements are important. The best way to size your product is to cut up a piece of paper in the approximate size you think you'll want and then tape it up on the surface to see the outcome.

If your first attempt is too small or too large you can always re-size it and repeat the process. Take it one step further and use a marker to write up what you think you'll design. Once you feel like you got it exactly the right size use those dimensions to order your product.

Picking the right size of text is going to be based on the font, colors, and ideal viewing distance. If you plan on having people view your design from 25 feet away then you will want to plan on having at least 1 inch letters in a sans-serif font, like Arial, and use high contrasting colors like black text on a white background. See the following graphic to learn more about viewing distance.

legible distance to read text