License Plate Design Tips and Tricks

License Plate Design Tips and Tricks

Learn how to design your own Custom License Plates with successful results.


Design your own custom aluminum license plate for your car, bedroom wall or other decor like application. When creating your own automotive plate it is best to keep it simply. The standard sized USA License plates measure 6"x12" and have a glossy finish and do not come stamped, embossed or etched.

Each plate comes with four slotted holes for easy installation on most modern and classic US automobiles. It is suggested that when you design your plate you take into consideration any license plate frames that you might install might cover up some of your design. Bolts and screws that you'd use to attach your plate to your vehicle might also cover up some of your design.

When designing a plate keep your text colors in high contrast with with the background color of your plate. This will make your text easier to read from a distance. Sometimes you might need to add a contrasting boarder around your text to help the words stand out a little better. A good example of a high contrasting color would be Black background and White text. A low contrasting color might be dark blue and black, both dark colors. Another example would be a white background with yellow text or graphics.

License plates are great products for self promotion or self expression and are always ideal for exercising your right to Free Speech. Just remember, we draw the line at hate speech. You can take orders for that kind of junk elsewhere.