Vinyl Decals and Lettering Tips and Tricks

Vinyl Decals and Lettering Tips and Tricks
Tips and tricks that will help guide you towards a better custom decal or vinyl lettering.

Designing and buying your own custom decals and vinyl lettering requires a little bit of pre-planning. Knowing where you decals or lettering will be installed should help give you an idea what the maximum size your decal can be. Knowing how large to actually make it is a different story. Basic San-serif fonts, like Arial, can be easily read based on a certain size. At about 2" average letter height you should be able to read the text from about 100 feet away. This requires a sharp contrast between the lettering and the background. For instance, dark colors like black do not show up very well on car windows, especially windows with tinting. A white text color provides the best legibility on storefronts and vehicle windows. Always consider the decals surroundings before setting up your design and placing an order.

The size you create and quantity you want to order determines the unit price. The larger your decal or vinyl lettering is the more expensive it will become. The larger the quantity the lower the unit price will be. We have no minimum quantity limits so you can order as many or as few as you'd like. For best results, before ordering your large quantity, order one or two as a test run. Doing this helps ensure that you know exactly what you're going to get when ordering the larger quantity.

Our decals come with a solvent based adhesive on the backside by default. The solvent adhesive is ideal for exterior applications and will provide you with at least 3 years of outdoor use. Some competitors use an acrylic adhesive but most acrylic adhesives break down in weathering elements like rain and snow. You can expect much longer use when applied indoors and away from the sun. Because our decals are manufactured from vinyl stock they hold up very nicely to weathering elements.

Decals and lettering typically come covered with a transfer tape to help make the application process onto your clean and smooth surface easier. When using the wet application method you can ensure that no air bubbles will be present. It also helps assist in the alignment and positioning process. Many customers will apply their customer printed decals onto car or storefront windows for self promotional needs. When doing this you can use one of our water soluble marking pencils to mark the other side of the window to setup marks for positioning.