Banner Design Tips & Tricks

Banner Design Tips & Tricks

Design your own custom banner with these easy to follow design tips and tricks. These banner design tips will help you create a successful banner for your next event.


Vinyl banners are usually viewed from a far distance and can usually be printed in a slightly smaller dpi (dot per inch) resolution. For example, many road side billboards are printed at a 12 dpi resolution. Up close this print would look horrible but because the ideal viewing distance is so far away and the overall size of the billboard is so large, the print looks clean professional from a distance.

There are a few viewing distance calculators out there that help you determine the ideal resolution for a given graphic but we generally like to work with 300 dpi or more whenever possible. In some cases we will reduce the resolution on large format banners, magnetic signs and wall decals to help ensure that when you install your banner people will be able to read it and be impressed by the quality.

Banners are made for indoor or outdoor use but should be taken down periodically. Long term exposure to the weathering elements is not good for longevity of your custom printed banners. Wind can also be a hazard to the banner and potentially peoples safety. Depending on how the banner is installed it could catch a gust of wind and blow your tent or other structure down. We suggest cutting some small half moon shapes into your banner to allow wind to blow through the banner.

Just like our other design tips for other products we suggest keeping your design basic and simply. Only include design elements that are vital to motivate others to want to learn more. Often times, people only have a few brief moments to read your banner. Too much information and they'll just skim right over it and not allow anything to sink in. If you've ever heard the saying, "Less is More" then this is a prime example of how this works.

All of our banners come with grommets every 24"-36" apart. This helps ensure that you have plenty of options for installation. We also banner accessories that will help assist with sign installation and repair if needed.

Picking a good place for your banner installation is key to get the most from your custom printed signage. It doesn't matter if you're designing a banner for school graduation party, weddings, yard sales or other promotional needs the same rules for placement apply to all purposes. Consider your event space and how people might approach this space. Knowing the ideal viewing distance will help you determine the size your graphics and text will need to be for them to legibly read your banner.