Birthday Design Templates

Birthday Design Templates

Looking for a birthday gift that is personal and unique to someone you know? Use these birthday themed templates to create your own custom birthday gift. Each template is fully customizable and can be edited to your liking.

Designs do not need to be personalized as a gift but could instead be created for birthday party decorations. Many of our customers also use these designs to produce party favors and swag. You can change the colors, text, images and more. What you create will be a product of your own imagination and creativity.

Products include dog tags, keychains, pin backed buttons, decals, yard signs and vinyl banners. If you do not see a product or design template that should be listed here in the birthday design templates, contact us with your request. We will look into adding your ideas. We are constantly adding designs and other features to our site. So if you do not see what you're looking for let us know and check back soon.


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  1. Diamond

    Car magnet with Baby on Board design ready for your own personalized touch. Customize the design by editing the colors, text or im... Baby on Board Magnet

  2. Stout Beer Decal

    Our custom stout beer decals are a great way to show your appreciation for the craft beer revolution that's going on.  If you pr... Custom Stout Beer Decal

  3. Happy Birthday Vinyl Banner

    Design and Buy Your Own Custom Vinyl Banners - Starting $49.99 and up! Customize your own professional vinyl banner for your ne... Happy Birthday Vinyl Banner

  4. Holy Cow Birthday Yard Sign

    Design your own custom Corrugated Yard Signs for your next big event. Great for wedding directions, political perspectives, garage... Holy Cow Birthday Yard Sign

  5. Wait Circle Floor Sticker

    Custom "Wait Here" Circle floor stickers with a slip-resistant texture for safety.  Customize your own today by uploading your co... Wait Here Circle Floor Sticker

  6. Year of the Dog Plate

    In China, it is still popular to name dogs Wàng Cái. It means “prosperous wealth” and comes from dogs’ barking sounds. Cr... Year of the Dog License Plate

  7. Year of the Goat Plate

    In Chinese culture, the Goat is the symbol of filial piety, purity, and kindness. Create your own custom fun colored aluminum lic... Year of the Goat License Plate

  8. Year of the Horse Plate

    Horses are full of energy, and can be both studious and athletic. They are strong believers of chasing after dreams. Create your ... Year of the Horse License Plate

  9. Year of the Monkey Plate

    Monkeys are lighthearted pranksters who have the ability to achieve all their dreams, and are also associated with long life. Cre... Year of the Monkey License Plate

Items shown 1 to 9 of 11 total