New Years

New Years

New Years Day is a day to reflect on the past year and review what changes you'll make to improve your life for the new year. Without reflection there can be no growth. These New Years themed designs can be customized to fit your own New Years themed designs. Create a fresh resolution in the form or a dog tag, keychain, decal and more to help remind you of your goals. Change the colors, text, images and more. What you create will be a product of your own imagination.

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  1. Stick To It Dog Tag

    Need a reminder to keep up the hard work? We've got you covered! Novelty Dog Tag Information Our dog tags are not stamped, emboss... Learn More

  2. Year of the Dog Plate

    In China, it is still popular to name dogs Wàng Cái. It means “prosperous wealth” and comes from dogs’ barking sounds. Cr... Learn More

  3. Year of the Rooster Plate

    Roosters are complex people who seem strong but deep down crave validation. According to some legends, roosters are able to protec... Learn More

  4. Year of the Monkey Plate

    Monkeys are lighthearted pranksters who have the ability to achieve all their dreams, and are also associated with long life. Cre... Learn More

  5. Year of the Goat Plate

    In Chinese culture, the Goat is the symbol of filial piety, purity, and kindness. Create your own custom fun colored aluminum lic... Learn More

  6. Year of the Horse Plate

    Horses are full of energy, and can be both studious and athletic. They are strong believers of chasing after dreams. Create your ... Learn More

  7. Year of the Snake Plate

    Snakes usually have a negative connotation and are symbols of witchcraft. However Nǚ Wā, the creator of the world in Chinese myt... Learn More

  8. Year of the Dragon License Plate

    Dragons are the most revered animal in Chinese culture. The Chinese people call themselves the descendants of the dragon. In the p... Learn More

  9. Year of the Rabbit License Plate

    In Chinese culture, rabbits represent the moon. Some say it's because the shadows of the moon resemble a rabbit while others think... Learn More

Items shown 1 to 9 of 23 total