Tennis Racket Stickers and Decals

Tennis Racket Stickers and Decals

Starting $5.99
Create Your Own Tennis Racket Shaped Stickers and Decals with Our Design Tool
  • Prices start as low as $5.99 (Depending upon design)
  • Choose your size, choose your color and click customize
  • Choose from 6 sizes and 118 backgrounds
  • Great for car windows, cell phones, lockers, books, etc.
  • 2.5 mil vinyl thickness, up to 5 years of indoor/outdoor durability

  1. Color Options
  2. How to Videos
  3. Design Tips
  4. Design Templates
  5. Product Info

Color Options


Hover over the tennis racket images below to help you find your favorite color then select that color in the drop down option above. You can learn more about our available colors through our learning center.

How to Videos

Use the following YouTube Video as a way to learn more about how our design tool works. This short video will show you some quick tips on how to make your own custom tennis window decal and ultimately create a high quality design that you'll be proud of. You will learn a variety of things including: adding text, photos, clip art, changing colors, selecting fonts, etc. You will also learn how to save your work for later, if you don't want to purchase your own custom tennis racket shaped window stickers now.

For best results view the video full screen and full resolution (720p).

For more design tips feel free to check out our other "how to videos" on YouTube.

Design Tips

Tennis Racket Vinyl Sticker Design Templates

Oval Sticker example

If you're having a difficult time coming up with your own custom sticker design - you might find our custom vinyl sticker design templates helpful. These designs are fully customizable and use the same design tool.

Information About our Tennis Racket Vinyl Stickers and Decals

Check back soon for more information.

Tennis Racket Vinyl Sticker and Window Decal Reviews

Your experiences and opinions will help others make decisions before they make important purchases. Many times in the past customer reviews have provided feedback that we have never really thought of before.

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