Covid19 Response 3-30-2020

We are taking Covid19 serious and have implemented precautions to ensure a safe work environment. As a non-essential company, here in North Carolina, we have been instructed to remain at home short of minimum necessary activities and basic operations that help preserve the condition of our equipment. Our equipment requires that it be operated on a regular basis. Therefore we will continue production in short runs to ensure our equipment remains in top notch condition.

At the same time we value the safety of our team and therefore have reduced our work staff to essential employees only. In addition, those employees will only be working on a limited time basis to ensure no two employees share the same workspace at the same time. Our customer service team will be working remotely to ensure we maintain constant contact with our customers.

Reducing our production workforce will aid in the social distancing initiatives but will also potentially cause some slowed turnaround times. We thank you for your support and simply ask for your understanding during these hard times. Turnaround times offered during may not be accurate and should not be held against us. Your order is important to us and we will do our best to get it to you as soon as we're capable.

We wish everyone the best of health during these difficult times. As a reminder, it’s a sticky life so share what’s on your minds and hearts because holding it in is unhealthy.